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What do pagent do to young children? Do you think it is ok for the parents to do this to there children?


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  • I think that it is okay if they arent spending a ton of money on the children. I also think that a baby won’t really care if they are in a pageant, but I think an older kid would get kind of sassy. The kid would probably think that they are pretty only when they have a ton of makeup and hair pieces on instead of thinking they’re pretty without all the fake stuff and photoshopping.

  • In my opinion pagents arent bnad for children but they arent the best as well. Because they are only like 3-9 years old they ahvent really lived the full life of being a normal kid. In another point of view it is different which isnt that bad. For parents to do this to their kids at such a young age isnt that bad but it would be better if they did pagents at maybe an older age.

  • Pagents materialize children at a very young and vulnerable age, not to mention torture them through hours of harmful/painful “beauty” rituals. It is cruel for the parents to do this to their children.

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