full glitz, natural and semi glitz

Published January 20, 2012 by robertssoccer

  •  GLITZ                                                                     NATURAL                                                 SEMI GLITZ
  • A glitz pageant typically features the contestants wearing heavier makeupand crystal-embellished attire; often there is a swimwear component, or “outfit of choice” modeling segment. Oftentimes the participants in glitz pageants wear a “flipper”. The flipper is essentially a set of “detachable dental veneers” that are placed on top of one’s natural teeth. To create a flipper, an impression is made from a special putty which is placed on top of a person’s teeth. After the mold has been set, this impression kit is then sent to a dental technician, and made into the slip on veneer.
  • A semi-glitz pageant is somewhat similar to glitz, only certain details may not allowed. For example, contestants may have points taken off if they wear a flipper or hair piece. This criterion is typically mentioned in the pageant rules and guidelines.[citation needed]Often, semi-glitz pageants do not permit the contestants to be artificially tanned. Additionally, there may be restrictions on the amount of make up that is permitted.
  • Natural pageants allow very little or no makeup, no flippers, and limited amounts of embellishments on the gown or dress. Contestants may not wear head pieces, or points will be taken off or the contestants may be disqualified.[citation needed]

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