categories in a pageant

Published January 17, 2012 by robertssoccer


The Beauty/Formal wear competition is considered the most important part of any pageant and is where the girls can truly sparkle like royal princesses. Girls perform a graceful refined routine in a ‘T’ formation in order to show their beauty, hair and of course their dress as well as their smile, poise and eye contact with the judges. The Beauty competition is usually where the most points can be earned adding to the contestants overall score. Cupcake dresses are usually worn up to the age of eleven and are absolutely immaculate, decorated in rhinestones and other embellishments including silk flowers, lace and woven trim, and bead work etc.
Almost every glitz pageant includes a swimsuit competition which in itself is very much like the modeling competition. The girls show off their costumes, smiling and making eye contact with the judges. Sometimes depending on the pageant, a choreographed routine might be performed. Contestants can choose to wear either one piece or two piece bikini swimwear, but glitz swimwear, as one would expect for a glitz pageant, is enhanced with frills, bows and ribbons, and is often embellished with sequins and rhinestones etc.

The cowgirl costumes of Western Wear are the absolute pinnacle of pageantry. Western wear routines reflect the days of the Wild West and anything to do with the cowboy/girl and rodoe tradition. The music too should relate to a western theme. One important move incorporated into a Western Wear routine is the ‘Rip Off’. This is when part of the costume, usually a jacket, cape, hat, scarf or skirt, is removed during the routine and is used as a prop.

The Talent part of the pageant is where the contestants can show off their unique abilities, which could be anything! Singing, dancing, baton twirling, playing a musical instrument or even performing magic tricks are just some of the many various talents one might encounter during the Talent section. The costumes worn should always reflect the theme of the routine. For instance a ‘Shirley Temple’ routine of the song ‘On The Good Ship Lollipop’ might see the girl dressed as Shirley Temple wearing a red polka-dot dress, or perhaps wearing a costume that looks like a candy assortment.

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