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Published January 10, 2012 by robertssoccer

What is the outcome of child beauty pagents in the long run? Do you think this has an effect on the kids behaviour when they grow up?


2 comments on “post 2

  • MOST DEFIANTLY YES! for kids doing this at such a young age they gain that attiduede that the whole world is about them, which is the attitude of a teenager. All of the pagent glitz and glam only gets worse becasue of the makeup and hair. Knowing that teenagers act like they way the 3 year olds do, is kind of scary because they could be “MONSTERS” when they get older as well as think to big about themselves.

  • I think child beauty pageants are not good for young children. Parents spend thousands of dollars on fancy costumes, tons of makeup, and travel fees all for one contest when some of the children don’t even want to be there. Also, children are judged on their beauty and their performance and there is only one big winner, which means all of the other children will get very upset if they don’t win. I think pageants make children very bratty, snobby, and troublesome.

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